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We are connected through our desire to do more for the greater good.

Five years ago, I was travelling to Tanzania on an expedition to Mt Kilimanjaro as part of a charity group to raise funds for a home for street children in Moshi. Before embarking on our journey, we spent an entire day with the kids at the Amaani Children’s Home. Our group instantly connected with the kids and had an incredible time getting to know the kids and the organization that helps support them. When it was time to leave, a five year old boy reached out to my hand and asked me when I would come back to visit. Those few hours had a resounding impact on me, I established a deep connection with the kids, and saw first hand the life changing role the centre had on the them. Without this support system in the form of an education centre, these kids would still be roaming the streets of Moshi. 

Its been a little over 12 months since I launched Joggo, with the mission to build a sustainable scalable brand to help tackle funding gaps for refugee education. Not only have we raised enough funds to send 15 kids to school for a year, in line with our commitment in June, but we have also helped bring women to the forefront of economic growth in Nepal through our ethical sourcing practices. I am overjoyed by the support I received from our community: customers who made a conscious decision to choose a startup brand that is striving to make a difference, and bloggers who were ready to use their social clout to support our purpose . This is truly a testament to how we are all connected through our desire to do more for the greater good.

This has been a truly fulfilling experience and I am encouraged by not only what we have accomplished this year, but what Joggo has the potential to become. 2017 will be a big year for Joggo as we scale up to have a bigger impact on refugee education,  so sign up to our mailing and join our JOurney to the Greater GOod.

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