/ Meet the Change Makers

WALI SHAH - Spoken Word Poet

Twenty-three year old Wali is a spoken word poet, speaker, University of Toronto student, and one of Canada’s Top 20 Under 20. From giving TED talks to free-styling with Kendrick Lamar, Wali is a force to be reckoned with. Wali works to shed light on the immigrant experience, bullying, and mental health by combining his passion for philanthropy with his gift as an artist.
 / Meet the Change Makers

LOIZZA AQUINO - Founder of Peace of Mind

Loizza is a mental health advocate, President and Founder of the non-profit, Peace of Mind 204, and an international social justice award winner-all before the age of 18. The Winnipeg-native turned a tragic experience in her personal life into an opportunity to educate her community on the realities of mental health. Now, in her first year at the University of Toronto, Loizza is eager to continue spreading her message across Canada and work towards completing her education.
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