Where are JOGGO bags made?

JOGGO bags are made in Nepal at a Women's Cooperative that has been helping bring women at the forefront of economic growth. The facility is certified by World Fair Trade Organization ensuing sustainable livelihood for the artisans and craftswomen involved.


Are your bags eco friendly?

We purposefully chose to use natural cotton canvas for our bags instead of nylon or polyester, not only because its long lasting and durable but also because of its eco friendly properties. Cotton by nature is biodegradable, and its processing procedure is much more sustainable than nylon.

However, we are not where we want to be yet, we are still working on making some other parts of the bag more sustainable mainly the foam used for the laptop padding.


Are your bags vegan?

Yes, all our bags are made with natural cotton canvas.


Are your bags water resistant?

We are using cotton canvas which is not 100% water resistant, but the nature of the fabric makes it highly water repellant, so you are good under light rain or snow. Cotton can become 100% water resistant with further treatment. We are working on new lines that will be 100% water resistant.


Can I wash my bag?

We recommend spot cleaning to be safe. 


What are your return policies?

We know you will love our bags as much as we do, but in the rare instance that you don't, you have the option to return the bag within 30 days of receiving it with a full refund.


How do you give back?

With the escalating refugee crisis around the world specially the displacement of children and disruption of education. Our founder's vision was to educate as many refugee kids as possible to help them thrive in their communities. So instead of adopting a one for one model, we wanted to have a measurable impact and we do this by contributing 10% of the proceeds from our sales to refugee education through our partnership with CARE Canada. The funds go towards providing educational material, uniform, stationary and supplying classroom furniture.


Why is JOGGO an Activist Brand?

We believe that brands have a responsibility to stand up to whats right, and we demonstrate this through our own practices as well as inspiring the community to do the same. With the growing refugee crisis, we are helping address the global funding gap for refugee education by contributing 10% of our proceeds to educate refugee children, and we are taking a stand against unethical employment and fast fashion by only producing our products at Fair Trade certified facilities, using material and fabric that is environmentally friendly and non toxic. These value are core to our existence.


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